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Benefits of Enhanced LAN & Cloud-Based Wi-Fi

What businesses need now is a telecommunications partner. They need an expert who takes the time to understand a business's goals and needs. Kinetic Business Enhanced LAN & WiFi provides real-time customer support using industry knowledge to deploy and manage the right solution for each business individually. From cloud-managed switches to cloud-based Wi-Fi, Kinetic Business is a trusted partner.

Benefits of Enhanced LAN & WiFi Services

One might expect that having more capabilities within a network means more to manage but, with Kinetic Business Enhanced LAN & WiFi Services, we do the heavy lifting. Our team of experts help alleviate the strain on business resources. Leave the installation, monitoring and maintenance to the Kinetic experts so you can focus on strengthening and building your business. Benefits of Enhanced LAN & WiFi Services include:
  • Industry-leading cloud management. We monitor and maintain the network to ensure optimal performance for our business partners.
  • Intelligent campus and branch switching. We believe simplicity is key in managing a business network. With our cloud-managed switches, online dashboards deliver unmatched visibility and control.
  • Wired security without compromise. We know your privacy and security are a top concern. Set and enable policies at the port-level or across the entire network in just a few clicks.
  • Advanced troubleshooting. We strive to help businesses meet demands and maximize resources with the most advanced technology and troubleshooting
  • Built-in application visibility. Identify and control individual users, PCs, Macs, iPads and Androids with user fingerprinting and search.

Benefits of Cloud-Based WiFi

Business Insider recently shared a list of major companies who plan to continue remote work through the beginning of 2021. So as the need for mobility continues to grow,  employees will continue to use Wi-Fi exclusively when accessing their company network. Kinetic Business cloud-based Wi-Fi and analytics provides companies the ability to monitor and troubleshoot networks and devices from anywhere. Benefits of cloud-based Wi-Fi include:
  • Optimized performance via the cloud. Leverage real-time analytics to gain a deeper understanding of user behavior and traffic.
  • Enhanced CPU and memory. Add capacity by deploying more devices without controller bottlenecks or choke points.
  • Our partners can continue business as usual without an interruption in connection or worry about business viability.
  • High-capacity wireless. With the right cloud-based Wi-Fi you are given access to employees and customers, while allowing you to non-intrusively observe and analyze user behavior to improve productivity and the customer experience.
  • Live, remote monitoring and troubleshooting tools. Monitor and troubleshoot networks and devices from anywhere. You will also have the ability to monitor infrastructure health and troubleshoot client connectivity issues.
We’ve been building a network to fit small business needs for years. To learn more about Kinetic Business by Windstream, visit business.windstream.com.
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