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Network & Connectivity

Kinetic Business Cloud Connect

Gain highly secure dedicated connections, optimized access to third-party public and private cloud providers.

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A Dedicated Cloud Access

Today, businesses rely on cloud services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and more—along with remote work solutions that include audio and video conferencing. But cloud services are only as strong as the networks that connect them. That’s why you need secure, dedicated connectivity that supports those mission-critical apps and scales as you add new ones.

How Cloud Connect works

Cloud Connect connects directly to third-party public and private cloud providers through your existing Business WAN for reliable, fast and highly secure private access. It functions across all network options, with bandwidth capacity ranging from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Cloud Connect is an ideal add-on to an existing SD-WAN, MPLS architecture to complete your network.

Features and Benefits

Cloud Connect offers virtual and direct connection options securely connecting CSP locations to existing business locations via Kinetic Business private network. This improves access and better secures transmission of data. It creates a simpler network architecture to manage.

Propel your business forward with a dedicated connection

Dedicated cloud connections provide the underlying network connectivity, technologies and services to effectively connect and integrate your cloud services and applications with your IT infrastructure.

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