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Feature Resources

E-Rate Program

Connectivity and collaboration services that drive student success.

IT Solutions that Empower Education

The educational landscape has undergone a dramatic transformation, where schools no longer exist exclusively within the confines of brick and mortar. The digital divide has deepened, with many students attending school remotely, but without access to the critical resources they need to be successful. Kinetic Business is committed to bridging this gap by providing the reliable IT services for education that your students require - whether they're learning at home, or in the classroom.

Your Community Partner

As a community-based service provider, Kinetic Business is proud to empower schools, students and libraries with high-quality, affordable internet and communications services to support educational success. Our employees live and work in the communities we serve, and we are wholly invested in creating solutions that grow with your district and keep sensitive data and systems secure.

Making the Most of E-Rate

  • The FCC's E-Rate program helps schools and libraries in every community by making quality IT solutions accessible and affordable. Kinetic delivers the solutions required for next-generation teaching and learning, while keeping an eye to value and E-Rate eligibility - maximizing every dollar in limited budgets
  • Our team of dedicated Education Solution Experts can help you address your IT challenges and implement solutions that scale to the ever-increasing demands on your network, with overlay solutions to ensure the security of sensitive data. We have an established history of helping schools and libraries leverage the E-Rate program to empower personalized, untethered learning for the next generation.

Count on Kinetic to Elevate Learning in Your District


From the classroom to the home - and across any terrain - our local engineers create custom solutions that keep schools and libraries connected.


Create smart networks with anywhere, anytime, any device access with SD WAN and Office Suite UC.


Protect sensitive data and prevent malicious attacks with our full suite of security products, including Managed Network Security and DDoS.

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