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New Features for Voice Customers

We’re excited to roll out voice enhancements, providing modernized Kinetic Voice Manager features to digital VOIP enabled customers for both home and office:
  • Kinetic Voice Manager: This is a web interface allowing access to manage your calls and calling features, access contacts, and provide enhanced voicemail features.
  • Voicemail Messages: All your voicemail messages are displayed in a list within the Kinetic Voice Manager. Here, you can listen to specific messages as needed, mark messages as heard or new, delete messages, forward messages, and view missed, dialed, received, and/or rejected calls.
  • Voicemail to Email: The Kinetic Voice Manager offers the ability to set up an email address to forward your voicemails directly to your inbox.  When you receive a voicemail, an email will be sent to you containing a link to your voice manager account. Once logged in to Kinetic Voice Manager, you can hear/retrieve the message.
  • Voicemail Visual (Speech to Text):From the Kinetic Voice Manager, you can have voicemails transcribed to text and read through the Kinetic Voice Manager.
  • Simultaneous Ring: Working with the Find-Me/Follow-Me feature, schedule or assign a list of numbers to ring in addition to your own line. Any number assigned to ring can answer the call.
  • Distinctive Ring: Allows for a distinctive ring tone for incoming calls for specific numbers. Also includes distinctive tones or patterns during call waiting.
  • Do Not Disturb: Allows blocking your line temporarily to prevent incoming calls.
  • Speed Dial: Allows frequently called numbers to be shortcut by dialing a one-digit short code.
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