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Security and Compliance Management

Safeguard your business and remain compliant with advanced network security solutions.

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Keep Your Business Safe

When everything is connected, everything is vulnerable to cyberattacks. Protect your operations and data with secure connections and multi-layered managed security. With security and compliance management, you can prevent your business from being vulnerable to disruption, while meeting all the requirements that prevent valuable client data from being compromised.

Network Security and Compliance Solutions

Explore How Our Solutions Can Empower Your Business

Explore How Our Solutions Can Empower Your Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Security compliance applies to networks, devices and software that move or store customer’s confidential information or data within a business’ network. If the business is compliant, it means they meet minimum regulatory requirements such as labeling requirements, patch releases, firmware upgrades, and establishment registration to name a few requirements. Security compliance also indicates that industry and cybersecurity minimum standards are met to help protect organizations from cyber attacks and client data violations.

Security compliance is important because it supports the stability of a business. Not only does it help the business protect personal client information, but it helps maintain the privacy of employee information as well. If the information is breached, organizations and individuals in a company can be subject to fines, litigation or loss of business.

Kinetic Business keeps data secure by offering advanced network security solutions. Businesses can choose security and compliance management software that offers a safeguard against hackers, while also helping the business meet their regulatory compliance requirements.

Kinetic Business manages security incidents through prevention solutions for businesses along with Security Engineering monitoring and support through our Cybersecurity Operations Center. Kinetic Business offers managed security solutions for continuous oversight across a range of security functions.

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