Why is my screen appearing as ‘Offline’ in the dashboard?

ScreenRays shipped after early March of 2018 show whether they're "Online" or "Offline" in the Raydiant Dashboard. An online ScreenRay is one that's connected to the Raydiant servers and receiving new content updates. If you publish to an "Online" ScreenRay, it will receive the content changes immediately.

A ScreenRay that shows "Offline" in the Dashboard isn't able to connect to the Raydiant servers, usually for one of two reasons:

  • The ScreenRay is powered off.
  • The ScreenRay isn't connected to the internet. This can happen if the ScreenRay has an unreliable WiFi network, if its Ethernet cable comes unplugged, or if the router it's connected to goes offline due to a power outage.

ScreenRays that lose their internet connection will continued to display cached content until restarted, but you may notice that YouTube videos are unable to play and time-sensitive data in Weather, Calendars, and News Feed presentations becomes increasingly stale. Offline ScreenRays also can't receive the latest software updates and improvements.

In most cases, the easiest way to get your ScreenRay back online is to restart it by disconnecting and reconnecting the power adapter. You should see the blue power indicator light on your ScreenRay turn off and back on as it restarts, and it will reconnect to the internet if a familiar WiFi network or an Ethernet connection is available.

If your ScreenRay isn't able to reconnect automatically—for example, if your WiF network name or password has changed—it will return to setup mode so you can connect it to the internet again—just follow the steps on the screen to connect it to a new WiFi network.

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