Connectivity to Transform Your Practice

Improve Patient Experiences

Everything from faster checkups to more pleasant waiting areas begins with better WiFi.

Create Practice Efficiency

Speeds up to 1 Gig help enable large file sharing and remove communication roadblocks for clinicians, staff and patients.

Count on Responsive Support

Work with a responsive local care team that’s committed to your success, 24/7/365.

Doctor in a white coat on her PC uses bandwith-intensive apps reliably via secure, HIPAA-compliant Kinetic Business internet

We Help Small Practices Meet Their Big Responsibilities.

Whether a community clinic, luxury med spa or a solo dental practice, your connectivity needs are often the same as the world’s largest practices.   

Enter Kinetic Business. We provide you the connections you need to simplify front-desk workflows, improve efficiency, and reduce stress.  

  • Highly secure HIPAA-compliant connectivity 
  • Fiber-fast internet with speeds scalable to 1 Gig 
  • Ample bandwidth to power essential applications 

Big Bandwidth Drives Big Improvements in Rural Healthcare


In admissions through telemedicine, according to the Journal of Medical Internet Research.


In healthcare-related travel for patients in rural areas, according to JMIR’s research.


Appointment completion rates with telemedicine, according to an American Board of Family Medicine study.

Big Bandwidth Drives Big Improvements in Rural Healthcare

A medical professional in a white coat on his laptop in a rural healthcare practice uses big bandwith from Kinetic Business


High-speed connectivity is critical to providing access to healthcare in rural towns across America. Kinetic Business is proud to help facilitate better patient outcomes by delivering the fast, reliable, and secure connections healthcare providers need to care for their patients.

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