Connectivity to Help You Spread the Word

Community Engagement

With reliable internet, you can efficiently coordinate events, share updates, and engage volunteers. Plus, social media platforms become powerful tools for outreach. With 99.9% reliability on our fiber network and WiFi included with every plan, you have the tools you need to stay in touch.

Virtual Worship and Outreach

In today’s digital age, congregations seek spiritual nourishment beyond traditional ways. With speeds up to 1 Gig, confidently share your ministry beyond your place of worship with live-stream services, virtual bible studies, and remote connections with members..

Preserve Traditions

Religious organizations hold rich histories and traditions. Digitizing archives, recording oral histories, and creating online exhibits ensure that these legacies endure. High-speed internet makes this preservation work faster and more dependable.

Worship band sings on stage in church under spotlight, live streamed using high speed internet provided by Kinetic Business

Timeless Ministries Deserve Modern Delivery

In the digital age, religious organizations become more than their physical structures; they become beacons of connectivity, compassion, and hope. Bridge the digital divide for your congregation and empower your mission to thrive in the 21st century with fast, reliable internet and WiFi from Kinetic Business.   

We provide you the connections you need to deliver streaming sermons, send mass communications, and link microphones, speakers, and sound systems.  

  • 99.9% reliability with fiber-fast internet speeds up to 1 Gig
  • Ample bandwidth to power essential applications
  • WiFi that reaches where you need it to
  • 24/7 support that can assist you on evenings and weekends

3 Ways Internet Can Play a Role in Religion

Streaming Services

Empower your mission with the connectivity you need beyond the four walls of your physical structure, extend your reach in the community, and provide a critical lifeline to those most in need.

Educational Opportunities

Offer online religious educational programs, theological courses, and workshops and share your faith, history, and community service via social media, blogs, and your website.

Social Media

Engage with your congregation where they like to “hang out.” Facebook and Instagram are very active networks, making them great places to post scripture and thought-provoking questions that amplify your weekly sermons.

3 Ways Internet Can Play a Role in Religion

View of church conference from audience is streamed on the internet by high speed fiber connection by Kinetic Business

Enhance Your Outreach Today

Every click, every connection brings us closer to a stronger, more connected community High-speed, reliable internet provides the connectivity you need to engage congregants and visitors. Kinetic Business is proud to help facilitate the mission of our local religious organizations by delivering solutions that keep you connected with your communities.

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