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The benefits of fiber technology for small business

Blazing fast speed

With high-speed synchronous connections, fiber internet lets you send data as fast as you receive it. No more waiting while uploading large files or accessing cloud applications.

Enhanced reliability

Fiber internet is immune to interference from environmental factors giving you 99.9% uptime for virtually uninterrupted productivity.

Future-ready technology

As technology continues to evolve and more devices are connected to your network, the demand for bandwidth keeps increasing. Fiber internet can help meet these escalating demands.

Keeps you competitive

Faster internet speeds mean you can provide superior customer experiences on your website, process transactions faster, or deliver reliable customer support. Add that to the improved efficiency and productivity of your business, and it’s a win-win.

Investing in Our Communities

Community Investment

Network buildout over 5 years
Kinetic Business has committed to a 5 year $1.75B community investment build-out.

Fiber Route Miles

Fiber miles in service area
Kinetic Business has over 100k fiber route miles in service

Locations Served

Residential and business locations
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Committed Partner

0+ Years
Supporting businesses in our communities
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Connectivity Where it Matters

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We’re continuously investing and expanding our network every day to bring high-speed connectivity to more businesses across America.

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