Reliable Internet for Customer Connectivity

A reliable internet that matches your business and customers’ need for speed is essential. From online shopping to using apps in-store, fiber internet allows for a seamless shopping experience. Multiple devices can be connected at once without a lag in speed and fiber internet is easily scalable to meet the connection needs of you and your customers. In a digital age, fast and reliable internet speeds are something that customers have come to expect.

Transform Online Shopping and Eliminate Downtime

As businesses are opening and consumers are eager to get “back to normal” by shopping with friends and eating out, social distancing still means limited capacity inside restaurants and stores. Retailers nationwide found new and unique ways to connect with customers from virtual personalized shopping to yoga or personal training sessions.

Ensure your network has the strength to meet demands. Software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN) are a great tool for keeping your business and customers moving virtually with ease. SD-WAN eliminates downtime, meaning customers won’t experience online delays, and ensures business operations stay up-and-running.

Online Security is Vital for Customer Confidence

No business is too small to be free of potential cybersecurity threats, especially during the digital transformation of retail. You are most likely aware of the negative impacts a security breach can have on your customer base and their loyalty to your business. Security solutions are especially important, as many are embracing e-commerce and contactless payment options. Cybercrime attacks have taken center stage in the last year causing over $1 billion in losses.
Protecting your business against cybercrime starts with ensuring your network is secure at each stage of a transaction. Consult a Professional Services partner to customize diagnostic tests that evaluate your network security, and proactively identify network vulnerabilities before they turn into breaches.

Virtual private networks are essential to not only your protection, but your customers’. Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks are disruptive and can easily make your internet circuit unavailable, potentially putting you in non-compliance with industry regulations. With a DDoS service provider you can monitor, detect, validate and mitigate attacks before an outage or related damage occurs.

Whether your business is in a metro, suburban or rural community, choose a communications partner that’s committed to investing in the tools to help you succeed. For more tips, tune into the Connecting Business Podcast to hear business experts discuss real solutions in a post COVID-19 environment.