When COVID hit, Rachel had very little time to think about what was next for Savane Silver. She closed the doors to the public quickly and had to lay off her workers. “It was really dramatic the way COVID hit,” Savane said. “At this point, I’ve been in business 24 years and to suddenly stop was quite shocking.”

Savane shut the doors to Savane Silver in mid-March, not knowing what her next steps were for her business. She, like many other businesses, realized that utilizing technology to reach customers was crucial in the time ahead. “I realized I needed to make my website succeed if I was going to survive,” she said. Having had a website since 1999, it was always there as a tool, but it was not generating many sales. “I understood that all my eggs were in the one basket of my gallery and I depended on people walking in my door and falling in love with a piece and purchasing it, but in the new time it’s important for me to not have that as my only way to have income.” Savane then hired a marketing firm to help her make her website more enticing to customers and easy to use.

Savane Silver reopened its doors on July 1, 2020. “I quickly came to a few determinations and one was I needed my door to be easily locked and unlocked at all times,” Savane said. With new COVID restrictions on capacity and mask ordinances, it was an important safety feature to have. She was able to purchase a new lock system thanks to a grant for local businesses from the Downtown Lexington Partnership and the Downtown Lexington Management District, along with Kinetic by Windstream.

“I feel the support and appreciation from Lexington for my shop and for my work,” said Savane. “I’m excited about Locally Lexington and to see how Windstream is doing this collaboration in support of the community,” she said. “I’ve been walking by the mural on the Windstream building and seeing ‘Locally Lexington’ and wondering what it was and now here I am being a part of it.” We’d love for you to be a part of it too. Do you have a #LocallyLexington story? We want to hear it! Share it with us by using #LocallyLexington on social media or visiting the Locally Lexington website.