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South Carolina Retailer, The Hay Rack, Turns to Kinetic Fiber, Sees Customer Growth Amid Pandemic

One Landrum, South Carolina, retailer, The Hay Rack, knows firsthand the essentials of a strong broadband connection. Don Williams, owner, switched to Kinetic Business by Windstream Fiber Internet this past June. As a longtime Kinetic Business customer, Williams was more than pleased to hear that fiber would be available to the Landrum area. The retailer depends on and needs a consistent broadband connection that is strong and reliable.
For 27 years, The Hay Rack has been the go-to source for all horse and livestock feed, hardware, lumber, and farm and garden supplies in the area. Williams and his team didn’t slow down when the pandemic hit. If anything, business picked up. The 7,200 square-foot retail store sits on three acres and allows for optimal social distancing for customers and workers. Before switching to fiber, the service Williams was using struggled to keep registers and phone lines up and running.
The Hay Rack now operates with six phone lines and all registers connected to fiber which gives his team a seamless communications process from call-in requests and face-to-face or mask-to-mask checkouts. “We saved money by switching to fiber internet,” said Williams. “We have a trouble-free system with fiber, and our customers can tell a difference.” As Windstream continues to expand fiber internet service across the county, Williams plans to set up his second retail location in Columbus, North Carolina, with fiber as soon as it’s available.
A reliable internet that matches businesses' need for speed is essential. With fiber, you can transfer large amounts of data quickly and seamlessly. Kinetic Business by Windstream Fiber Internet allows for just that, a seamless connection. Multiple lines and devices whether that be standard registers or mobile devices can be connected at once without a lag in speed. Additionally, fiber internet is easily scalable to meet connection needs and demands at all times.
Beginning early this year, Kinetic by Windstream embarked on a multi-year program to invest billions of capital to bring fiber-backed gigabit services to millions of households across its footprint. Through the first six months of 2020, Kinetic has enabled approximately 100,000 new locations with gigabit-capable services. We’ve been building a network to fit small business needs for years. To learn more about Kinetic Business by Windstream visit business.windstream.com.
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