When to Call My IT Team or Windstream

If your DSL connection is down, but the DSL light on your modem is solid and not blinking, you can determine if the issue is on Windstream’s end or if the issue lies with your own equipment by first isolating your modem. Disconnect any device that is connected to your modem such as a router, firewall, switch, etc. and connect a computer directly to your modem using an Ethernet cable. If your modem is bridged or in IP pass-through, our representatives can help you reset the modem for testing and then later put it back into either of these modes. If the connection works fine without your secondary devices connected to your DSL modem then your IT team will need to troubleshoot the issue. If the connection is not working, please call Windstream’s technical support at (888) 292-3827 (24/7 support).

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